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Colombia , Saturday 24 February 2018

News Colombia » Trade: Colombia, Guatemala Come Closer to Trade Deal

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Publication date: Friday 23 February 2018

BOGOTA – Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and Guatemalan counterpart Jimmy Morales agreed on Friday to accelerate negotiations on a trade treaty and to expand cooperate in military matters. After a meeting with Colombian businessmen, Morales was ...

News Colombia » Trade: Blooms by the billions: Colombia’s rose industry thrives thanks to free trade, U.S. demand

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Publication date: onday 12 February 2018

MADRID, Colombia — The majority of roses Americans give one another on Valentine's Day, roughly 200 million in all, grow here, the savanna outside Bogota, summoned from the soil by 12 hours of natural sunlight, the 8,400-foot altitude and an abundance of ...

News Colombia » Trade: When it comes to Colombia, America is in a tough spot

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Publication date: Wednesday 14 February 2018

Instead, Tillerson focused on two difficult issues which underscore the new tension in the bilateral relationship: coca production and trade. Not long ago, the United States and Colombia envisioned a day when coca production wouldn’t define the bilateral ...

News Colombia » Trade: Trade delegates from eight nations visit Port Manatee

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Publication date: Wednesday 21 February 2018

If Florida businesses are interested in Chile, “just remember Colombia is on the way down,” Juan Barrera, a trade commissioner for that nation, said. “You may want to stop there.” In recent years, his homeland gained a reputation for political ...

News Colombia » Trade: Colombia’s two anti-coca strategies are at war with each other

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Publication date: uesday 20 February 2018

That is because the cocaine trade financed the FARC. All this is raising the temperature of an already heated election season. Colombia is to elect a new congress on March 11th, and a new president on May 27th. The contests pit supporters of the peace ...

News Colombia » Trade: Colombian Banks: Which Is Safest?

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Publication date: hursday 22 February 2018

In Colombia, things are a bit more strict as loans are already ... It was to be expected that both banks trade above book value. Both have great ROE figures and favorable growth prospects. What is surprising to me is that Grupo Aval is cheaper than ...

News Colombia » Trade: A Free Trade Valentine

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Publication date: uesday 13 February 2018

By importing flowers from Colombia, according to the article, the price of roses has been kept almost unchanged for decades with a dozen red roses often available this week for less than $20. Gains from specialization and comparative advantage: Free trade ...

News Colombia » Trade: Colombia Celebrates its 25th Year of the Business Matchmaking Forum

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Publication date: onday 12 February 2018

Colombia is known for excellent quality and quick turns—a combination that is in high demand in today’s speed-to-market focused environment. For U.S. companies, the appeal of the region has been further enhanced by the countries’ free trade agreement.